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The phone has been a vital part of business for over one hundred years, but that doesn’t mean your business needs to be stuck with a century ­old phone system. Technology, to say the least, has changed dramatically over the years, with a huge leap forward in just the past decade alone. The phone is no exception. Some may even argue that the phone and phone systems have been one of the biggest technology changing systems in recent history.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is fast becoming the standard for all successful businesses in today’s market. In essence, VOIP allows for a robust and highly configurable phone system that can free up your business to grow. If your business is not using a VOIP system today, you should definitely consider the benefits of doing so. If you are using a VOIP system, then it’s important to have the right support team working with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Voip Business Services OrlandoRiptide Managed Services is an Orlando IT Support company that specializes in custom VOIP solutions for business of any size. Riptide has delivered VOIP systems for Doctors Offices, Manufacturers, Sales Organizations, Call Centers and other distributed office environment set ups. Our understanding of VOIP, and our partnerships with the largest global carriers make Riptide the best choice for any VOIP implementation.

Voice Over IP systems can seem daunting at first. Communication is a business’ lifeline, after all. With a multitude of carrier options, and a sea of different systems to choose from, how will you know what is exactly right for your business? What vendor should you select? What phone model would work best? Are there any add­on options for an Operator station? The answers needed before a successful VOIP implementation are many, and important.

While VOIP can be set up in a variety of different ways, Riptide feels the most effective setup is to house an internal VOIP server on a segregated network at your business location. From there, a connection is made from the local VOIP server to the carriers system. All call routing, voicemails and other features remain at your business’ office. Riptide Managed Service is able to remotely configure the server, make updates, and ensure that it is running properly.

For some people, their work morning start out by checking the voice mails left from last night, copying the information down on little pink sheets of paper, then distributing those little pink sheets of paper to whomever they were destined to go to. If that person is lucky enough, then they can fore go the little pink sheets of paper and just email the information to the person the caller was trying to reach. Other people walk into their office to a red blinking light on a phone, and then spend the next ten minutes handling their own missed calls from the previous day. With a properly configured VOIP system, both of those nightmares can be over.

Some of the more popular features implemented in VOIP systems are systems like Voicemail delivered in email as an attachment, time of day call routing, phone to phone paging, having the ability to send the call to a cell phone, announce­ only extensions, all­call emergency paging, and off network call routing. With features like these, it’s clear to see the advantages of a properly configured and maintained VOIP system.

Now, since people may have had their calls routed directly to their cell phones, or voicemails have been sent to emails enabling people to listen to them on their cell phones whenever it’s convenient for them, work mornings can be spent preparing for the day. There may even be time to record a custom daily voice greeting with a positive message on your phone system that callers hear when they dial your number.

With the rise in popularity of VOIP, it is vitally important to state that not all companies providing Orlando IT support are familiar enough with VOIP to provide a business the best solution possible. VOIP companies are sprouting up on a weekly basis, with the majority of them having a larger marketing budget than they do an infrastructure budget. And while those companies may have unique names and “cool” looking phones, there is a high chance that their systems are closed, and will simply not support the needs that a particular business may have.IT Support Orlando

Riptide Managed Services uses an open source VOIP platform that allows us to use a wide assortment of built in tools and services and write our own custom programs for our customers to use. Riptide is able to fully customize the VOIP server to meet the business’s exact needs. If employees need to “clock in”, they can use the phone system to do so. If they’d like to receive a phone call at 6am each weekday to wake them up, that is possible as well, and they can even have the local weather read to them.

The open source VOIP platform Riptide uses allows the use of different phone models. In some cases, employees prefer to have software running on their computers in lieu of a physical phone on their desk. Others may prefer to have an app on their cell phone that connects to the business phone system. Still others may prefer to use a wireless hands ­free phone as they do their job. All of these choices are possible if your business is using the right VOIP system.

With businesses expanding into multiple locations and allowing employees to telecommute or work from home, having a phone system to support that is vitally important. Riptide can configure a local VOIP server to allow specific connections from employees home networks on a per ­phone basis, or set up a Distributed VOIP system, with additional VOIP servers in remote offices. This type of set up allows the business to grow, while still being able to manage employee and customer communication in a professional manner.

It’s been a long hundred years since the phone was introduced into the business world. And while times and technology have changed, the one thing that has remained constant is the need for clear and precise communications. Make the decision to empower your business with a highly configurable VOIP system. You will be making your business more productive, more agile,

more connected, and more accessible. It’s not an easy decision to make, and definitely should not be a decision you want to make alone.

Riptide is the Orlando IT Support company that specializes in custom VOIP solutions. Riptide’s proven experience has shown that business using a properly configured and maintained VOIP system are more productive during business hours, give their customers a clear line of communication, and are more accessible when they need to be.

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