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Is Your Computer Network Slow and Unreliable?

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Why Computer Network Support is Vital for Your Business?

Orlando Network SupportTake a moment and think of the devices connected to your network; the printers, the phones, the fax machines, the copiers, the scanners, the laptops, the tablets, the cell phones, the projectors, the monitors, the security cameras… the list goes on and on and on. “The Internet Of Everything” is high upon us in business today and new devices are being added to the business network on a daily basis. Now stop and think about the last time you really paid any attention to the physical health of your network. When was the last time you actually cared enough to check on it? When is the last time you looked at your patch panel? You know, that big mess of wires shoved in the corner or under a desk that reminds you of a 1950’s phone operator switch. Not really even sure what to do with all of that, are you?

One of Riptide Managed IT Services Orlando core areas of expertise is providing full networking support to businesses. From complete turnkey solutions to upgrades or troubleshooting, Riptide has been providing Network Support in Orlando for close to 20 years. Our technicians are all at least COMP/TIA N+ Certified Network Technicians, with at least 5 years of networking experience. We’re completely OS Agnostic, too ­ meaning we work on Apple, Windows, and Linux systems equally. Likewise, we’re well versed when it comes to tablets, phones and other mobile devices as well. You can think of it this way: if it connects to a network, we can support it.

A colleague of yours came in around 11am and asked you if you were having any problems with the Internet today. You think about it; your email seems to be fine, and that document you’ve been collaborating on seems to be working okay as well. You tell them that you hadn’t noticed much of anything going on. They frown, mention something about molasses in winter, and storm off to ask the same question to seventeen other people in your office. As it turns out, the receptionist at your business decided that they had some pretty slow times during the day, and that listening to some music on their iPad would be a great way to help speed those times up. It just so happens that their slow time is around 11am ­ the same time your coworker noticed the slow down. Could these two incidents be connected? More than likely, the answer is yes. The bigger question is: how are they connected?

Riptide’s Network Support in Orlando isn’t limited to businesses ­ we’re actively doing networking work for the US Government on various training and simulation projects. Riptide has been called upon to successfully solve existing issues that plagued certain government projects for years.

We’ve designed and maintained some very unique networks from the ground up in support of US Soldiers that incorporate several layers of virtual separation and security without any loss of speed or strength. We’ve been able to provide “off network remote access” to hardware in the field, allowing technicians to help setup and troubleshoot issues from across the globe. We continue to support those networking endeavors, and can easily apply that unparalleled level of knowledge to your enterprise network.

You think about that big mess of wires in the corner again. You know they all end up plugging into one big box, and in turn, that plugs into something else, and you’re pretty sure that it all ends up

going to the Internet somehow. That stuff has been sitting in the corner since you moved into this office. Sure, you dust it off now and then, and you make sure the green lights are all, well, green, but other than that, you pretty much just leave it alone. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”, they said, right? Now you’re not too sure about that. It may be time to get some help.Orlando Computer Networking

Riptide leverages its relationships with some of the nations largest vendors to ensure that enterprise level networking equipment becomes more affordable. Because of that venture, the level of network support in Orlando that Riptide is able to provide is second to none. Riptide has technicians on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’re continually monitoring the networks we support for any anomalies, and have a less than 3 minute response window for critical network issues. Our custom software and hardware network monitoring tools ensure that our technicians know about any network issues before our customers do. That, along with our rapid response, means that many times Riptide technicians have identified an issue and corrected it with the customer remaining completely unaware.

Your mind drifts back to your coworker complaining about the network speed. You know they’re a hard worker, and are usually putting together presentations for business development meetings. You consider banning all iPads, since apparently using them is causing people to lose valuable work time, but you’re having a hard time justifying the decision. After all, you’re not completely sure that was the issue, and you have no evidence either way to support the decision.

Over the last 20 years, supporting networks in Orlando, Riptide has watched the core technology grow and change. Where before a complete network rewire might be necessary, with today’s technology, we have found that sometimes just upgrading one piece of equipment, and then configuring it to properly segment network traffic is all that is needed. Creating a virtual network for employee’s ipads and limiting the overall bandwidth usage of that network is a fantastic way to provide employees with exactly what they need to do their jobs and be happy.

You decide to do a google search for “Network Support Orlando”, and you’ve ended up here. You’ve read what seems to be a very familiar story about bandwidth hogs, and are learning about Riptide Managed Services and exactly what they can do to help you and your business. By now, you know your next step is to simply contact Riptide at (407) 456-7450, mention this article, and receive your free network evaluation.

Remember, the core of Riptide Managed Services areas of expertise is enterprise networking management. We’ve been Orlando’s Network Support “go to” company for the past twenty years by making sure we always put our customers needs before anyone elses. We’re here to help you any way we can.

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Is Your Computer Network Slow and Unreliable?

Are you ready for Network Support? Get your FREE Network Support Evaluation today! Call us at (407) 456-7450 for a free network support evaluation. Use offer code 0814.

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