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Why Orlando IT Services are Essential for Your Businesses Growth

Updates are to software and hardware what doctor checkups are to us human beings. Practically every electronic device we use on a daily basis needs some kind of update. From firmware updates, software updates, and operating system updates, it’s important to understand the methods, risks, and procedures to safely update your electronic devices.

The majority of electronic devices we own have an instruction set built into them. This code is known as Firmware. It contains the basic instruction set for that device. Cameras, cell phones, printers, computers, and networking equipment are but a few examples of devices with embedded firmware. Chances are that you may never need or want to update the firmware on the devices you own, but there are times when it is beneficial to do so. New features are released by the manufacturer that may easily breathe new life into old devices with just a firmware upgrade. Devices may connect to other devices or the cloud easier. New security enhancements may have been put into the new firmware. It’s best to review the firmware update notes to help determine if you really need a firmware update.

That’s where we come in. Riptide has been providing IT Services in Orlando for close to 20 years. In that time, we have done hundreds of firmware upgrades. Typically on printers, laptops and desktops, networking equipment and VOIP phones. While there is always an inherent risk of rendering the device you’re upgrading worthless, there are some precautions one can take prior to a firmware upgrade.

  1. Make sure you understand why you are upgrading the firmware
  1. Make sure you have a work around in case you lose the hardware
  1. Make sure you have a back up of the existing firmware
  1. Make sure you have an external boot method for the device
  1. Make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines
  1. Make sure you document the process ­ ahead of time, and during the procedure

In any case, it is always best to have a technology partner assist you with the firmware upgrade you’re going to do. Since 1997, Riptide’s IT Services Division in Orlando has helped dozens of

customers perform needed firmware upgrades on devices. By following the above simple 5 step guidelines, we have been able to achieve a near perfect record in doing so. We’re always ready to extend our success to your business.

Riptide Managed Services provides Orlando IT Support with Enterprise grade Service Level Agreements at consumer level pricing. Riptide is able to meet your business’s unique needs ​ from a single remote technician working on routine issues, to dedicated on premise IT support staff for your entire business. Riptide is a proactive Managed Services company in Orlando that takes pride in keeping our customers computers, networks, printers, phones and other devices running their best to avoid any unforeseen downtime.

Keep in mind that It’s not just firmware that needs updating though. Potentially any software you use can be updated. Some tend to be more interruptive with their update needs, while others wait passively for the user to update them. In both cases, it’s important to be familiar with the update process, and not just click “next, next, next” until it’s done. In doing so, you may end up with unwanted bundled software that you have no need or desire for. As before, it’s highly recommend to use an IT Services partner to handle these updates.

Some steps to take prior to updating any software:

  1. Make sure you understand why you’re updating the software.
  1. Make sure you have the working versions installer
  1. Make sure you’ve backed up any and all important data
  1. Make sure you have a “roll back” path in case things go horribly wrong
  1. Make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines
  1. Make sure you document the process ­ ahead of time, and during the procedure

While the security steps are nearly identical for software and firmware, it’s important to note that not every software or firmware update has a roll back path, and that must be accounted for in case of update failure.

computer services orlandoRiptide Managed Services uses custom remote access software to access individual computers or a group of computers to perform needed updates after hours so as not to interrupt the normal workflow of the day. There are times, however, when an update and reboot during working hours is simply unavoidable. All IT Services companies in Orlando face this same issue, regardless of who they are or how they work.

Your operating system, either Windows, Apple, or Linux also needs updating from time to time. Some operating systems are more passive about their need to update, while others, if not configured properly, may update in the middle of your work day, and include a reboot in said update that may cause you to lose work. Riptide’s IT Services Orlando Division uses sophisticated tools to ensure when and where updates happen ­ usually over night or when the computer sits idle for a certain period of time. Either way, the goal is the same ­ to update in the least obtrusive way as possible.

Keeping operating systems up to date is extremely important. It has been noted that particular operating systems seem to run slower when they have pending updates. Additionally, the user is putting themselves and their company at risk through any potential threats based on the non­-updated operating system that may be exploited. If you’re unsure if your operating system is up to date, let Riptide’s IT Services department help you check your systems.

It is important to note that some operating systems are no longer being updated. Windows XP is a prime example. Because it is no longer being updated, any issues or exploits found in Windows XP will no longer be fixed by Microsoft. This means that anyone still running Windows XP is potentially putting their business and themselves at risk.

Riptide’s IT Services Orlando division highly recommends a systems and network evaluation to see what, if anything, needs updating on your enterprise network. If you’re interested in scheduling a technician to perform an update evaluation, simply contact Riptide at (407) 456-7450.

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Get Your FREE IT Services Evaluation Today!

Computer Network Running Slow? Not sure if you need IT Services? Call us at (407) 456-7450 for a free IT Services evaluation. Use offer code 0814.

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