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Managed IT Services Orlando

Who else wants to partner with a dedicated IT support company in Orlando?

ReflectionRiptide Managed Services provides Orlando IT support with Enterprise grade Service Level Agreements at consumer level pricing. Riptide is able to meet your business’s unique needs ­ from a single remote technician working on routine issues, to dedicated on premise IT support staff for your entire business. Riptide is a proactive Managed Services company in Orlando that takes pride in keeping our customers computers, networks, printers, phones and other devices running their best to avoid any unforeseen downtime.

Imagine yourself, at 4:45 pm on a Friday afternoon, standing in front of an array of blinking lights and you’re really not entirely sure exactly what they do. In the past, whenever there was a problem, you always just told your coworkers to reboot their computers. For whatever reason, that didn’t work this time. You even tried it twice. And that five o’clock deadline? It’s looming closer and closer as each minute seems to pass faster and faster.

  • You feel the sweat pooling on your forehead.
  • Your hands start to quiver as your eyes dart back and forth across the alien equipment in front of you.
  • You’re not sure if your pulse is picking up, or getting weaker.
  • Should you unplug something?
  • Jiggle a cable?
  • Curse at the thing in hopes that you scare it back into working properly?

Your focus is interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. You look up, and the owner of the business is standing there, arms crossed, waiting on an answer from you.


Are you tired of always being under pressure when things go wrong?

Ready to place your computer, networking, and phone responsibilities on someone else’s shoulders? If so, you’re ready to talk to Riptide ­ the Managed IT Services Orlando that puts your company’s needs before anyone else. Your dedicated customer advocate can have full remote access to your network, computers, phones, printers, and other devices ensuring they’re always up to date and running as smoothly as possible. They use a suite of network and device monitoring tools that alert them to any issues that may arise on your network at any time. With the remote access tools in place, your customer advocate is immediately able to access your network and work alongside you to quickly resolve issues. Riptide’s Service Level Agreements ensure that you’re just a single phone call away from getting the help you need at any time.

There are three things you could say to the business owner at this time, and one of those would surely be the last words you ever spoke to them. You might be able to buy some time with the traditional, “I’m working on it” approach, but that will only get you about another five minutes. You don’t dare say what you feel they already know ­ that you have no idea what’s going on or what to do about it. You could, however, confidently look the business owner in the eye and say, “I’ve already gotten an email from Riptide, and they’re handling it.”

Best IT Services OrlandoRiptide Managed Services offers full IT Service and Support in the Orlando area with both on site and remote solutions available. A dedicated customer advocate is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are fully staffed with expert Apple, Microsoft and Linux technicians as well as complete infrastructure and network support engineers and offer state of the art proactive systems monitoring with text message notifications when trouble arises.

Each Riptide technician is backed up by at least one additional technician, making sure we are providing Orlando with the IT Support Services it deserves.

We’ve been there before, at crunch time, with the weight of a “make or break” proposal relying on the infrastructure to work flawlessly. We’ve pulled the 74 straight hours shifts with no sleep to ensure our customers business opens as scheduled on Monday morning. We’ve shaken hands with business owners on Friday night as they walked out of their building, and greeted them with fresh coffee on Monday morning with their entire network upgraded and ready to go. Often times, our custom monitoring solution has alerted us to an issue, and we have been able to correct the problem without our customer even knowing something had gone wrong.

Riptide uses custom software and hardware to deliver an unmatched level of proactive systems monitoring and an industry leading customer support experience. We are reliably able to provide the Network Support Orlando companies have been needing. We are the only Orlando IT support company who ensures their technicians pass a rigorous background check and can, at a minimum, qualify for US Government Secret Clearance. Additionally, each of our customers is assigned a dedicated customer advocate who ensures that any problems that may arise are dealt with in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. In short, we take pride in our people because they take pride in their customers.

The business owner looks at their watch. They look back at you, square in the eyes. Before they can speak, your phone rings. “It’s Riptide, I need to take this”, the words come out of your mouth crisper than anything you’ve ever said to them before. “Hello? Yes, it is? You did? Oh, great!

Thank you! Yes, I’ll tell them right away.” As you hang up your phone, you feel yourself standing up a little taller. You clear your throat, meet your business owners eyes straight on, and confidently say, “That was Riptide. They noticed an issue with our core router, remotely logged in and fixed it. They just rebooted it, and it’s now back online. We should be able to send that proposal out now.” Their eyes widen, and you think you might see a smile actually crack their stern facade. “Good work.”, they say, as they turn and head back to their office. As you head back to your desk, you feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. You breathe a little easier, and you yourself smile, knowing you’ll be able to have dinner with your family tonight.

Riptide Managed Services gives its Orlando IT support customers Enterprise grade Service Level Agreements at consumer prices. Riptide is able to offer crucial response times of less than 3 minutes, and on site service calls within 2 hours, of the initial problem notification. With a buying power of over 40 million dollars, and an exclusive network of over 200 engineers, there has yet to be a project too large or daunting for Riptide to handle. For us, it’s not just about fixing the problem you know you have, it’s about being proactive and keeping your infrastructure running at it’s peak levels, avoiding the potential problems that may creep up at the most inopportune times.

We Work On Any Type Of Computer You Have

Some Orlando computer services only support a single operating system. Not so with Riptide Managed Services. It doesn’t matter if you run Mac, Windows, Linux, or anything in between. If it’s on your network, Riptide can support it.

We Are The Orlando Computer Repair Specialists

With A+ Certified computer technicians, and a suite of award winning software and diagnostic tools, Riptide Managed Services embraces the tough jobs most people walk away from, making Riptide the premier company for computer repair in Orlando.

We Are Here To Help

With custom service level agreements, Orlando computer support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If you are currently experiencing printer problems, network connectivity issues, phones not working, spyware or viruses - Riptide is here to help.

Riptide Managed Services Provides Orlando IT Computer Support 24/7/365

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For a FREE Network Evaluation Today!

Not sure if your network is up to speed? Call us at (407) 456-7450 for a free network evaluation. Use offer code 0814.

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